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Long Life MR-16

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Philips Halogen Long Life MR16 lamps make it easy to optimize the look and feel of your brand, your merchandise, and the shoppers experience, with lower operating costs.


Maximum efficiency for reduced energy consumption.
Consistent coating quality lamp-to-lamp and throughout lifetime.
Extended lifetime for reduced maintenance.


Optimized Coil, Burner and Reflector Design- Has maximum efficiency for reduced energy consumption and provides bright, white light and superior beam quality.
Up To 20 Layers of Dichroic Coating-Consistent coating quality lamp to lamp and throughout lifetime.
UV Block-Reduces color fading.
Provides 6000 hours rated average life†, constant color and extra protection with UV Block and front glass.††
Universal Burning Position.
Available in 20, 35, and 50 watts Spot, Flood and Narrow Flood, 75 watt is only available in Spot and Flood.
† Rated average life is the length of operation (in hours) at which point an average of 50% of the lamps will still be operational and 50% will not. †† Front glass not featured on 75W Halogen MR16 Long Life lamps.


Ideal for retail stores, hotels, restaurants, museums and art gallery lighting.
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