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CosmoPolis CosmoWhite

CosmoPolis CosmoWhite

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Philips Cosmopolis Outdoor Lighting System simplifies outdoor lighting with the combination of a miniature lamp and an optimized electronic ballast system.


Energy efficiency and long, dependable service, not only to reduce your lighting cost of ownership but also to address environmental concerns.
Improved visibility and enhanced ambience to attract people back into your city centers at night.
Miniaturization enables unobtrusive lighting and exciting new luminaire designs.


Crisp, white light.
Rated average life of 30,000 hours*
Compact system - allows for smaller, lightweight luminaires, using light-duty poles. and uses less raw materials to conserve resources.
Increased luminous efficacy.
Available in 60, 90 and 140 watts.
* Rated average life is the life obtained, on the average, from large representative groups of lamps in laboratory tests under controlled conditions at 10 or more operating hours per start. It is based on survival of at least 50% of the lamps and allows for individual lamps or groups of lamps to vary considerably from the average. 30,000 hours rated average life at horizontal application. For vertical application, rated average life for 90W and 140W is 20,000 hours,while rated average life for 60W is 15,000 hours.


Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications of industrial facilities and warehouses
Lamp optimized for horizontal position; when positioned vertically, the lifetime specification is much lower (as much as - 40%)
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