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MasterColor CDM ED23 1/2 Standard

MasterColor CDM ED23 1/2 Standard

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A better value than quartz metal halide, with longer life, higher lumen maintenance, and energy efficiency.


Better quality white light is now available in a familiar ED 231⁄2 bulb shape with a mogul base.
Less mercury content than quartz metal halide, better for the environment.
Choice of color temperature—3000K or 4000K.


Better rated average life of 24,000 hours**
Compared to quartz metal halide pulse start 175W (MS175/U/PS) lamp with a 15,000 hour rated average life 1.
Better lumen maintenance than quartz metal halide.
Improved lumen maintenance increases time between re-lamping.
Better energy efficiency.
Compared to mercury vapor and quartz metal halide with up to 90 lumens per watt.
Available in 50,70,100, and 150 watt with 3000& 4000K color temperatures.
** 100W 3000K lamp has a rated average life of 17,000 hours


Ideal for downtown areas, colleges and universities where visibility and quality of light are important.
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