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Natural Light Three Way

Natural Light Three Way

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Try changing your current light bulbs to Philips Natural Light! Natural Light's distinctive blue coating reduces dull light effects to provide light that is more vibrant and natural. The wrong lighting can make anyone appear older. The right lighting can make skin tones and color look natural and healthy. Philips Natural Light bulbs can help you to see things as they should be.Their light is more like natural daylight.


Provides remarkable light that is vibrant and natural, similar to natural daylight.
Distinctive blue coating reduces dull light effects.
Glare-free white light.


Provides light similar to natural daylight.
Medium base.
A-21 shape: Glare free whiter light for reading and other activities.
3 levels of light (50W/100W150W).
Available in- 50/100/150 A21.


Perfect for table and floor lamps and desk/task lamps.
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