• Swimming Pool Lamps

    • Withstands Thermal Shock and Vibration.
    • Ruggedness and Shock Resistant.


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The Philips Family of Swimpool lamps are incandescent, gas-filled reflector flood lamps specifically designed for swimming pools and underwater applications.


Ideal for Applications Using 12 or 120 Volts.
Hard, Shatter-Resistant Glass.
Specially Designed Filament Mounts.
12-Volt Lamps Blend the Desired Feature of Safety from Electric Shock with Durability.
Single Coil or Coiled Coil Filament and Medium,Mogul or Multipurpose type Bases.
Available in:R20: 100 watt, R40: 300 and 500 watt; R40 Frost:300 watt


Ideal for swimming pools and underwater fixture applications using 12 or 120 volts.

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