Energy Saver Compact Fluorescents

Energy Saver A-Shapes

Energy Saver A-Shapes

  • Energy Saver Compact Fluorescents

    • Philips Energy Saver Soft White Plus bulbs provide energy savings and reduced operating costs without sacrificing quality of light compared to standard incandescent equivalents.
    • Terrific energy savings–May save up to $44 over the life of the lamp**, a real impact to your bottom line!


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Información de la gama de productos

Going green never looked so goodLooking for an energy saver that does not look like one? The Philips EnergySaver family provides energy efficient lighting options that don't just provide similar light as your standard incandescent light bulb, they also have the same classic shapes. Try the Philips EnergySavers and see how they truly provide advanced lighting designed around your needs.


Similar shape as standard incandescent.
Long Life–Lasts 7 years*
Direct replacement for incandescents - Fits into standard incandescent fixtures.
Available in: 14Watt R20,15 and 16 Watt R30 23 Watt R40 and Par 38 versions.


Ideal for use in table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconce, reading lamps, forder lights and open ceiling fixtures.
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