Large-diameter low-voltage reflector lamps for even more flexibility in accent lighting

Aluline PRO III

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Philips ALUline Pro 111 lamps feature a large diameter, low voltage and provide excellent flexibility for comfortable, glare-free accent lighting light.The filament shield even eliminates direct light, producing a precise, smooth beam of very sharp contrast. ALUline Pro 111 lamps are compatible with a dedicated G53 socket by direct wire connection to screw or push-in terminals on the lamp and are suitable for open luminaires thanks to low pressure. UVblock reduces color fading over a 3000 hour rated average life†. Ideal for accent lighting in retail displays, exhibition halls in art galleries, and museums.+Rated average life is the length of operation (in hours) at which point an average of 50% of the lamps will still be operational and 50% will not..


Homogeneous Beam and Comfortable Glare Free Light.
Highly attractive, contempory design.
Multiple Connection Options- The lamp can be connected in three ways.
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ELA - Expo Lighting America 2017


Del 28 de Febrero a 2 de Marzo

Centro Citibanamex – Ciudad de México


Expo Eléctrica Internacional 2017


6, 7 y 8 de Junio  

Centro Banamex – Ciudad de México