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Halogená BR40 Indoor Flood

Halogená BR40 Indoor Flood

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Meet the Halogená® collection of light bulbs, the elegant, long life alternativeto ordinary household light. Halogená provides bright, white light that lasts twoyears*.Their long life makes them great for hard-to-reach fixtures. Fewer replacementsmeans less hassle. But that’s not all, Halogená light bulbs are also fully dimmable,which can save energy. From Decorative to PARs, from the Classic to easy gripReflectors, Halogená light bulbs provide bright, white light, indoors or out.


Superior light quality - Bright white light imaintains a high light quality when dimmed.
Easy Grip Shape makes for quick and easy installation and removal.
Long life makes them great for hard-to-reach fixtures, with fewer replacements.
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