Brighten your home with infinite possibilities

DuraMax Deco Globe

DuraMax Deco Globe

  • Brighten your home with infinite possibilities

    • Philips DuraMax long life deco globe bulbs last longer than standard incandescent, significantly reducing the hassle of replacing light bulbs that burn out too quickly.
    • Philips DuraMax decorative globe bulbs add a pleasant touch to home décor.


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Información de la gama de productos

Philips DuraMax® Long Life Deco Globe Bulbs reduce the hassle of replacinglight bulbs every few months, since all DuraMax products last longerthan standard incandescent light bulbs.Duramax deco globe bulbs are available in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes and wattages. Clear globes add decorative sparkle, white globes emit soft white light and half-chrome provides decorative sparkle and reduced glare.


Lasts at Least Two years!*
Available in a variety of wattages.
Medium and Candelabra bases.
White finish adds a soft white glow,Clear finish adds decorative sparkle and half-chrome provides decorative sparkle and reduced glare.
Available in: G16.5 medium white: 25 and 40 watt;G30: 60 and 100 watt;G16.5 medium clear and G40 clear: 40 and 60 watt;G25 half-chrome:40 watt; G40 white: 40,60,100,150 watt; G25 clear and G16.5 white and clear cand.: 25,40,60 watt; G25 white:25,40,60,100 watt.


For general or ambient lighting in vanity strips, pendant and hanging light fixtures.
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Inicio 12, Febrero 2016 (132 hrs/4 módulos) – Sede IBERO


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