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        Philips MasterConnect LEDtube InstantFit T8 lamp, which is Interact Ready, enables an easy upgrade to a connected lighting system without re-wiring the fixtures. The 2.4GHz mesh networking technology allows integration with a variety of control device, such as sensor and switch. It also offers secure and reliable communication towards the Interact IoT platform or verified third party systems. The result? Greater energy savings, various control possibilities and a more adaptable space!


        More than 50% energy saving compared to fluorescent lamps
        Flexible lighting controls to maximize productivity and comfort
        Works seamlessly with Interact IoT platform


        Quick upgrade from fluorexcent lamps with exisiting electronic ballast
        Superior lighting performance over 50,000 hours lifetime
        Easy to commission and (re-)configure
        Reliable and secure wireless communication within 2.4GHz mesh network


        Office, education, retail and healthcare
        Parking, industry and warehouse
        Software Plugins
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