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    • Reflector Flood

      65BR30/FL55 120V 12/1
      65BR30/FL55 120V 12/1

      65BR30/FL55 120V 12/1

      N.º material (12NC): 248765

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    General Information
    E26  [ Single Contact Medium Screw]
    Operating Position
    Universal  [ Universal]
    Main Application
    Indoor Reflector
    Gas Filling
    Life with 3 Hour Per Day Use
    1.8 a
    Footnote Incandescent 1
    Consider the compact fluorescent lamps for energy savings.
    Footnote Incandescent 2
    Do not allow hot bulb to come in contact with liquid or metal parts of the fixture, as glass may shatter. Do not use outdoors. Do not operate in close proximity to flammable materials or those adversely affected by heat or drying. Operate only in heat resistant sockets. (87)
    Light Technical
    Beam Angle (Nom)
    55 °
    Initial lumen (Nom)
    620 lm
    Beam Description
    Flood  [ Flood]
    Correlated Color Temperature (Nom)
    2710 K
    Operating and Electrical
    Power (Rated) (Nom)
    65 W
    Voltage (Nom)
    120 V
    Mechanical and Housing
    Bulb Finish
    Frosted (FR)
    Cap-Base Information
    Aluminium  [ Aluminium Cap]
    Filament Shape
    CC6  [ Straight]
    Approval and Application
    Estimated Energy Cost Per Year
    7.83 $
    Product Data
    Order product name
    65BR30/FL55 120V 12/1
    EAN/UPC - Product
    Order code
    Numerator - Quantity Per Pack
    Numerator - Packs per outer box
    Material Nr. (12NC)
    Net Weight (Piece)
    0.052 kg

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    Diagramas de instalación
    E26, BR30
    E26, BR30
    Green Data

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