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        The Philips ArenaVision LED Sports Lighting System provides a complete solution for your professional sport field lighting needs, that meets all requirements for todays’ and future broadcasting, and enhances the fan experience in your venue. Providing highest quality LED lighting for both outdoor stadiums and indoor arenas, the LED ArenaVision can also be seamlessly integrated into a lighting experience show in modern, multi-purpose venues.The system is always bundled complete including the LED ArenaVision luminaires with remote driver boxes plus controls that you can tailor to your needs, from Eco to Effects to Experience – the ArenaVision LED Sports Lighting System does it all for superior field performance and experience lighting!

        Please contact us at sportslightingNAM@philips.com if you have an opportunity for Philips LED ArenaVision.


        Highly efficient and long lasting LED lighting systems for sports
        Comes with a remote ballast for easy maintenance
        Offered in a variety of lumen packages and optics to meet needs for all sports and events
        High color rendering and flicker free for superb spectator and broadcasting experience
        Can be programmed for light effects, and can be integrated in light shows, with controls


        Outdoor and Indoor versions available
        CRI up to 90, TLCI up to 86 and very low flicker for demanding professional broadcasting
        System ready and always provided with controls
        Application flexibility via seven optical distributions
        IP66 sealed light engine modules and separate driver box


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